Seven tips to have a better day

mindfulness wellness Aug 14, 2023

We could all do with some helpful tips for a better day and improve mental wellbeing as a whole. Taking care of your mental wellbeing is an important concern in everyone’s life but, too often, it gets shoved aside by other tasks on our to-do lists. There’s always another meeting to get to, another call to make or another spreadsheet to fill out. Sometimes, it feels like there’s just not enough time in the day to take care of ourselves on top of everything else.

The good news is, we tend to be creatures of habit. Once we’ve done something enough that it’s become a habit, we’ll continue to subconsciously do it even while our conscious mind focuses on other tasks. If you prioritise doing one of these tips every day, soon it will become a habit. Caring for your wellbeing won’t just be another thing on your to-do list, but a subconscious effort you make every single day and, we promise, you’ll see the benefits.


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You are only ever one thought away from happiness

You are only ever one thought away from happiness

Now that the stressful months of December and January have passed.

It is time to take stock so that it doesn’t have to be that way again in the future.

The stressed worker

I was reading a major piece of research published in 2022 by caba, an ICAEW charity, found that more than half (56%) of accountants are suffering stress and burnout, compared with 41% of employees across a wide range of sectors, business sizes and job roles.

Eight of ten accountants (79%) believe that stress and poor mental health are an ingrained problem within the accountancy profession.

Yet Accountants are supposed to be the small business trusted adviser. If a person is stressed then they cannot think clearly. You experientially know that to be true and science backs it up. The body’s response to stress is to take the blood supply away from the thinking forebrain to send it to the arms and legs to either fight or run from the perceived threat. It...

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